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How to Style Your Dried Florals and Pampas Grass

Often I get the question 'so are you a flower company or a home decor company?' And quite frankly, I don't think we really want to be one or the other, so we diversify and consider ourselves both! Working with dried florals and grasses is great because they are preserved and everlasting, so double as home decor. And that's double the fun, right?

When people call me a florist, I always do a double take. Working in the wedding industry with our mobile bar, I have seen some of the most stunning floral installations & arrangements. Part of that is what drove me into floral design, but it's crazy to think that I am now designing arrangements myself. But I'm just rolling with the punches and loving (mostly) every second of it!

To give you some insight on my background outside of Roots, I've worked in marketing for an interior design company & an architect company, and have experience in both residential and commercial real estate. I've renovated two homes, and am an avid home decorator.

So when we launched Roots Greenhouse and added items like dried florals and pampas grasses, I had so much fun styling them and seeing you guys style them as well. So without further ado, here are some of our favorites ways to style.

Our One-Sided Pampas Grass

These plumes are extra large and extra dramatic. They are called one-sided plumes because when you stand them upright they do just that - fall to one side!

They make great caddy-cornered hallway or entryway decor. You can leave the wall they rest against empty, or you can hang some photos or sconces.

Pro tip: make sure the photos aren't hung too low since the plumes do rise up about halfway up the wall.

Our Jumbo XL Pampas Grass

These plumes are full and fluffy and are perfect for the boho home. We love adding them to bathrooms and bedrooms, as well as entryways. They make such a statement and change the whole vibe of a room.

Our jumbo XL pampas was the first pampas we got in our store, and we spent so long searching for high-quality pampas, so these babes hold a special place in our hearts.

Pro tip: the smaller of a room you put them in, the bigger of a statement they'll make.

Although these are some of our tips on styling pampas, you really can't go wrong with the placement of pampas (except maybe in the kitchen, as pampas is known to shed a bit and nobody wants feathers floating around in the dinner!).

Pro tip: to keep pampas from shedding, shake each plume off outside to get any of the excess fluff off, and spray with some hairspray to keep them in tact. Once they are styled and aren't moving around, they shouldn't shed!

Shop our pampas here -

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