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Meet the owners of Trailer + Tap Mobile Bar - Philly, Delaware, and beyond

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

A lot of people ask us about our story and how we thought up the idea of Trailer + Tap, so we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and explain our T+T journey.

We are Alexis and Dylan - newly dubbed husband and wife (woo!). We have a little brown bundle of a joy, Gordon, and are the proud owners of Trailer + Tap Mobile bar!

Favorite drinks:

Alexis: Espresso martini, and any cocktail with cucumber in it.

Dylan: Jack & ginger, craft beers, and Johnny Walker (when he's feeling fancy).

Favorite activity:

Traveling! We have been to over 10 countries together and are always planning our next destination.

Originally from Delaware and New York, we met in college and dated long distance after graduation. Dylan then landed a job in Philly and we relocated to Pennsylvania together.

As much as we loved our morning commute and sitting at a desk all day, we were always dreaming up different potential business ideas. More times than not, it would be over a drink, spitting out the most random thoughts and laughing them off. What would we name our dog park bar, or coffee shop, or what insanely impressive invention could land us on Shark Tank? While having flexible hours and being our own boss sounded nice, the idea of paying commercial rent, not having a steady paycheck, and the fear of failing always prevailed.

One evening on a ski trip in the Catskill Mountains, Dylan proposed (!!), and it wasn't long until the crazy wedding thoughts kicked in. "We need XYZ at the wedding", "no that's too corny", "how about puppies?" (which we did have by the way!).

While scrolling through Pinterest one night searching different wedding ideas, a multitude of different bar concepts were popping up. Pictures of big metal kegs with greenery wrapped around them, wheel barrels filled with bottles of bud light, and 20+ bottles of wine sitting in a decorated ice bucket. All good ideas, but ultimately the point was that people were trying to incorporate cute ways to serve and display large amounts of alcohol. After thinking of the different ways to more efficiently and attractively do this, and researching liquor laws and a plethora of ideas, we decided to take the plunge into starting up our mobile bar. There were very few options in our area, and we had found someone who was going to help us execute our vision and make our bar unique in it's own way.

It took months to build, paint, stain, tile, build a website, gather all insurance, understand all of the laws, and start branding, but today, we are successfully booking out our mobile bar for all types of events like weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, corporate events, and more. We are still learning a lot, and as scary as it was to break away from the norm, and no matter how many long and stressful days and nights it takes to turn a vision into a reality, it was so worth it and we love what we do. Most importantly, we enjoy meeting all different kinds of people who love drinking just as much as we do!

We are currently booking events in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey areas, and serve wine, beer, coffee, soda, and more all out of a pressure controlled 3-tap system. For more information, check out our website, or email

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