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Trailer + Tap Mobile Bar Featured in Philly Wedding Magazine

You may have seen our blog post we wrote a little white back about when Philly Magazine published an online article on our mobile bar shortly after we launched (if not you can find the Philly Mag article here - ). This was super exciting for us since we had just officially launched in February of 2019 and the article got written that same month. We still go back and read it all the time! #proudmoment

Since then, we have continued to work very hard to gain brand recognition. Being a smaller business that is just hitting the marketing can be tough, let me tell you. There are days when you compare your success to other companies, both similar and different to yours. But we are able to let ourselves be as creative as we want to be, and we love this industry and the people we meet so much, so it keeps us going and more importantly, keeps us happy!

Little daily victories are what keeps us motivated as well, so when we found out that Trailer + Tap was being featured in the 2019 summer print edition of Philly Wedding Magazine, we were super excited. When I heard the news I hoped in my car and drove to Barnes & Noble - which due to my curse of bad luck, was closed. Next stop was CVS - nothing. The next morning I went back to B&N and casually sped-walked over to the magazine section, and low and behold - the prettiest magazine cover stared me right in the eyes:

If you haven't picked up an issue yet and are a 2019 or 2020 bride, do yourself a favor and get one because it is filled with so many great ideas, both traditional and trendy. From cakes, to venues, to mobile bars like ours, there is something for everyone. To see more about what's inside of the magazine, click on the image above.

And of course, we celebrated with drinks!

Trailer + Tap Mobile Bar services the Greater Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

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